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Jocelyn Rankin Memorial Scholarship

Jocelyn, our 2001 Miriam Libbey speaker.

Jocelyn, our 2001 Miriam Libbey speaker.

The Jocelyn Rankin Memorial Scholarship, established in 2012, honors Dr. Jocelyn Rankin, whose mantra “that every challenge is an opportunity,” will withstand the test of time as librarianship continues to evolve. Her commitment to research was nationally recognized across her storied career.

Southern Chapter was Jocelyn’s professional home. She served as chair of the chapter and as chair of a number of its committees, including the Southern Chapter’s Research Committee which she founded.

This award assists Southern Chapter members in gaining needed skills and knowledge to perform, implement, and promote research projects within their institutions, communities, and across the field of medical librarianship.

Policy:  Applicants must be current, non-student Southern Chapter members who want to attend a research-related continuing education course or workshop. The amount awarded, not to exceed $500.00, can be used to defray expenses necessary for the fulfillment of the course (tuition, travel, etc.).  Preference will be given to courses sponsored by Southern Chapter or MLA, however the jury will consider courses sponsored by other organizations.

Applications will be judged jointly by the Honors and Awards Committee and the Research Committee Chair. Only one award will be given per the Southern Chapter/MLA association year.

Application:  To apply for this award, click HERE. The deadline for application is 30 days prior to course or workshop the applicant wishes to attend.

Guidelines:  Upon completion of the course, the recipient must submit a written report to the Chair of the Honors and Awards Committee for submission to Southern Expressions. Receipts for incurred expenses (up to $500.00) should be submitted to the Chapter Bookkeeper for reimbursement.

Submit applications to the Chair of the Honors & Awards Committee.

Donate: To donate to the Jocelyn Rankin Memorial Scholarship click HERE.

Past Winners: To see past scholarship winners, see the Past Award Winners page.

Nominate a Colleague for the Lois Ann Colaianni Award for Excellence and Achievement in Hospital Librarianship

We want to recognize an exceptional, dynamic hospital librarian!  Is that one of your colleagues, or is it you?  Take a few minutes to recognize the person you feel is a visionary hospital librarian, and be sure to consider yourself for this award. Self-nominations are welcomed and encouraged.

This award recognizes a member of the Association who has made significant contributions to the profession through overall distinction or leadership in hospital library administration or service; production of a definitive publication related to hospital librarianship, teaching, research, or advocacy; or development or application of innovative technology to

hospital librarianship. This award was first presented in 1991, but in 1999 it was renamed in honor of Lois Ann Colaianni.

The nomination form is available on MLANET –   Direct any questions to Priscilla Stephenson, Jury Chair at

Nomination deadline is November 1.