2002 Annual Meeting – Reception and Banquet – Atlanta, GA

From the Welcome Reception to the Banquet, GHSLA 2002 was networking, food, and fun.



GHSLA members were greeted by a jazz band and great food at the 2002 opening reception in the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta.


Toni Yancey (left) from NN/LM and Susan Poorbaugh (far right) from the Medical College of Georgia enjoy music, food, and conversation with colleagues at the opening banquet.


Carolyn Brown (left) won the “Most Appropriately Dressed for St. Patrick Day” award hands down!


The crew from Mercer University School of Medicine Library enjoy themselves at the opening reception. From left, Roxanne Nelson, Karen Bonney, Miriam Hudgins, Vonne Wilcox & Stephen Ellis.


Comedian Jim Gossett entertains GHSLA members at the banquet.