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Dues in 2025



With GHSLA deferring membership dues for the past 2 years, dues will be reinstituted in 2025.  We value and appreciate your support!

Attention: Georgia Senate Bill 390

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This message was originally sent by Christine Willis, SC/MLA Chair;  she is also a GHSLA member.  The Executive Board, supports her statement below.:

If you have been following the news, you may be aware of Georgia Senate Bill 390.  If you are so inclined, you are welcome to use a prepared template for GA residents to write your representative or senator: Others may certainly let their voices be heard by corresponding with legislative leaders:

There was a recent op-ed in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that may also be of interest to read:

GHSLA 2024 Membership Fee Waived

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Once again, the GHSLA membership fees have been waived for 2024.  If you completed a membership registration form last year, no need to fill one out again.  If you have colleagues who would like to take advantage of this year’s free membership, ask them to register.