Looking for Future MLA Leaders – Submit Your Suggestions

The MLA Nominating Committee is identifying potential candidates for the 2019 election. If you would like to nominate someone as a potential candidate for president or board member, or if you would like to be considered yourself, please complete the nominating form at http://tinyurl.com/y97hrnkc. Be sure to provide as much information as possible outlining why the recommended person would be an outstanding candidate.

The Committee will consider significant professional achievements, leadership experience, involvement in the association and vision for its future, as well as balance among our association’s geographic regions and from the various communities that represent the diversity of our membership.

The process for selecting candidates and electing the MLA President-Elect and members of the MLA Board is described in Article V of our association bylaws, accessible from www.mlanet.org, (click on About MLA, and then Organization from the menu). The slate will include at least two candidates for President-elect, and at least four candidates for the two open MLA Board member positions.

The Committee will begin review of nominations on July 20, 2018, although nominations will be accepted until the slate is finalized.

MLA 2018/2019 Nominating Committee
Barbara A. Epstein, Chair ([email protected])

Ana Cleveland ([email protected])
Tara Douglas-Williams ([email protected])
Kate Flewelling ([email protected])
Donna Gibson ([email protected])
P.J. Grier ([email protected])
Janna Lawrence ([email protected])
Emily Mazure ([email protected])
Emily Vardell ([email protected])
Yingting Zhang ([email protected])